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King Satan The Symbol Zipper Hoodie + CD Bundle


Image of King Satan The Symbol Zipper Hoodie + CD Bundle

Release date 3rd October 2018 / 3. Lokakuuta 2018

The bundle of The Symbol Zipper Hoodie with sleeve prints comes with the CD version of the debut album "King Fucking Satan" (2nd press)! Zipper hoodie will be out 3rd October 2018. By pre-ordering you guarantee that we will get right amount of right sizes and all needs are being satisfied. The item will be shipped to your home address by the release date, except outside of Finland the date may vary depending the country where the order was placed! (Shipping world wide!)

Shipping prices are the prices of Max letter of Finnish post office. If you want tracking code for the order, please be in contact with kingsatan616@gmail.com to change max letter into post package with tracking code (this adds some more costs to the shipping). King Satan's shop (Hard Statement Media Productions) do NOT take any responsibility lost parcels or other issues caused by your local post offices or courier companies and by ordering this item from King Satan BigCartel Shop you agree on these terms and conditions.

Bundlepaketti The Symbol Zipper huppari hihaprinteillä sisältää CD version King Satanin debyyttialbumista "King Fucking Satan". Huppari julkaistaan 3. Lokakuuta 2018. Ennakkotilaamalla varmistat, että saamme oikean määrän tarvittavia kokoja, etkä jää täten ilman ja näin ollen kaikki tarpeet saadaan tyydytetyksi! Huppari postitetaan kotiosoitteeseesi julkaisupäiväksi Suomessa!

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